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follow the sexyloops fly tying school – shipmans buzzer

2016 January 16
by Thomas Züllich

I heard about this fly from Paul. The name comes from an English fly tier, mainly because English fly tiers are eager to give things their name. I believe such flies have existed for long. Much longer than fly tying is documented even. However, let´s grant Mr. Shipman the honor and keep the name. At least he was brave enough to break out of the general rule of slip wing flies and other complicated constructions and brought a simple concept back into the light.

Sturgeon Battles in Fraser River

2012 October 30
by Emma Baecker Haakonsen

After basking in the sun in sunny Miami, it was time to head north, to a colder climate, up to Fraser River, British Columbia. Ever since the first time I held a fishing rod, I have dreamt of going up here to try my strength with an ancient freshwater fish: the white sturgeon. read more…

Three Days in Miami

2012 October 17
by Emma Baecker Haakonsen

After having stayed indoors for a whole week, while the sun is shining all over Miami, the fishing fever catches me again. This weekend we will definitely go fishing. read more…

Crazy Salmon Fishing!

2012 October 4
by Emma Baecker Haakonsen

On a beautiful autumn day in Auburn NY, the fishing fever caught me and I simply had to go fishing right then! It appeared that all guides were busy for several weeks. How could that be? I learnt that the reason was that the Coho salmon had started its trek up the Salmon River. read more…

Rat Faced Mc Dougal

2012 October 1
by Barry Ord Clarke

By Niklas Dahlin

-Catskill Flytier Harry Darbee with Mac Francis

While visiting the British fly-fair a couple of years ago I bought a book by Harry Darbee – Catskill Flytier. Harry Darbee is one of those guys responsible for the reason we have today, something called the Catskill style dry flies. read more…

New Kenya Season!

2012 September 26
by Capt.Alex

Now it’s time again, the migratory birds have left a very wet Norway, heading back to warmer parts of the world, and due to a very bad summer, they may not dare to come back the next “summer”

read more…

Fishing for Dinosaurs

2012 September 19
by Emma Baecker Haakonsen

The fact that there have been fish on this planet for ages is no news, but I did not believe that it would be possible for one and the same species to survive for more than 100 million years. I was mistaken about that, a primeval fish, the Alligator Gar, has been able to survive all thinkable catastrophes and changes for such a long time. Even when dinosaurs got extinct the Alligator Gar managed to pull through. read more…

Oil adventure turns into fishing adventure

2012 August 8
by Team Mustad Norway
Statoil, the world’s biggest player in oil drilling in deep waters, invited TeamMustadNorway to explore the awesome fish stocks that gather around the constructions in the North Sea. read more…

Best Cod Fishing in the World?

2012 April 17
by Barry Ord Clarke

After a 2000 km long journey from Askim in Östfold to Finnmark in the North, we reached Söröya, and Fiskarboden fishing center, our final destination. read more…

How to Clean Perch

2012 March 28
by Team Mustad Norway

MANY anglers loves to catch Perch. Quite a few do not know how to clean it, and how to peel off the skin. I have never met anyone who uses a pair of scissors to do the last finish, to get rid of every single loose bone, and would like to share this method also with you guys. read more…